My favorite days of the week are when Wes stops by my work on his run.  A few weeks ago he hadn't texted me in a few hours so I figured he had been in the middle of his run.  All of a sudden he shows up at my work. I was so happy. & he smelled exactly like an old bonfire.  I was like, "fun run?" 
"Yeah, it was so awesome! I ran up into the canyon, turned my phone off, ran along the ridge. Then I got hungry & so I stopped to make soup. Then I got cold so I built a fire!" 

I later looked at the camera & found these pictures:  

 can of soup. Check.
Tupperware of milk. Check.
Jetboil. Check.
Propane. Check.
Spoon. Check.
Keys. Check.
Lighter. Check.
Happy man. Check.


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