Projects: Pics are from my blurry phone!

 I'm sorry you're going to have to just have my awful cell phone pictures for now, I think I deleted all my tutorial pictures from my camera on accident....
Glitter shoes, look out Dorothy, mine are better.
I promise the shoes don't look like they're on drugs in person, it's a combo of tired, shakey hands & a terrible phone camera!
So, I started with the above skirts.
These are them in their original DI form.
Left to right: Melissa's skirt, a skirt for me that hasn't been worked on yet, my skirt, another skirt for me that I like & just want to hem. Then a L shirt I'm going to take in to be wearable (this has been a procastinated project...I bought that shirt last summer)!
I put the long skirt on & marked how long I wanted my skirt to be and added 1.5” to that length to have a good long hem.  Then I used the extra fabric to kind of eyeball a bow size I wanted. I cut a long rectangle of fabric and put right sides together & sewed around the edges leaving about a 2” opening & then I pulled it right side out. I was left with a rectangle shape with finished edge except the open hole I pulled it through.  I liquid stitched the little opening shut. After that I cut a long and narrower strip of fabric & sewed the raw edges and end of this long tube.I flipped it right side out.  Then I whip stitched the ends together to create a loop. Then I slide the rectangle through it, creating a bow! I then whip stitched it together & onto the skirt.I held it up to the skirt while I was wearing it & pinned it to the skirt for good placement.
 don't mind my piles baha
 This was my inspiration, it turned out a little different, but I like mine, too!

 The skirt I made for Melissa that ended up looking SO great on her! This is before I hemmed it.
 The stocking I made for Melissa, the inside was lined with the same pink & brown plaid fabric.
I had begun a blanket stitch around the letters of her name, but it was a disaster on the felt letters, so I unpicked it.
 Mine & Weston's stockings!
I never did put our names on it, because I haven't decided how I wanted to do it. I wasn't pleased with how I made Melissa's name look on hers. Next year I may just add our initial to the toe, but I'm not sure yet. These won't be our perma-stockings, but I'm not making stockings right now that say "Mom" & "Dad" so I made some felt ones for temp stockings! :) I sure love our stockings, though!
 Here's about as clear of picture as my phone takes...totally awesome bahah
I love the sequin trim I added though. & I'm particularly in love with my trim fabric as well!
 I love my paper trees. They obviously won't store in my Christmas box well, soooo now we just have a forest of trees in our apartment, they didn't stay on top of our entertainment center, though!
& I must have had a bad case of add the night I made those. I was always wondering what it was about my blue glitter tree that was different...just realizing now, I forgot to do the 4th layer of tree! hahah
 My penguin ornament. I made this for Dave for Christmas.
Unpictured: I made a personalized ornament for everyone in Weston's family. This penguin was my favorite (& easiest).
I made this calendar for Dave & Joan for Christmas, sorry, Blogger doesn't let me turn pictures & this file isn't saved on my computer. Basically the calendar turned out amazing. & I got it bound with a clear plastic cover & black plastic backing. It's legit.
This is my sewing thinking cap. For real, it's my best friend. & this ugly face is how I felt after crafting all month long. This was at about 11:30 at night as I was sewing, gluing, painting, cutting or burning something. Whew, my December month looked like this: Sleep, wakeup, gym, shower, breakfast, work either 8-5 or 9-6, sew, sew, sew, glue, glue, glue, sleep, repeat.
My poor Momma was totally neglected. As was my blog. & partially my husband with my half-thought dinners.
However, all the gifts & crafts were appreciated which made me feel good :)

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  1. Loving the crafts! You're so creative, how do you do it? I'll bet Melissia looks cute in the skirt! Thanks for sharing!


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