I'm sorry for this neglect I've been giving my blog & blog readers!  I will be more consistent starting soon. We've been a very busy pair lately.  Last week was so fun but whewee it was a whirl wind of crazy busy-ness!  We welcomed that 3 day weekend with eagerly open arms!

Last week we SEARCHED & SEARCHED for housing, because we won't be able to stay at Branbury this summer, due to Weston & my work schedules.  So, as sad as we are to say goodbye...we're not at all. We've found an AMAZING new home in Salem, UT a little south of Provo & a thousand times better.  It is a really nice home with a washer & dryer.  It is 2 bedroom & all utilities included in rent. It's amazing. We worked out a deal with them because we don't need to move in for another month & a half, but they had other people wanting to rent it & immediately move in.  Pretty much it's so very nice & it's surrounded with fields on the west side of the house and the East side has an enormous pond. WHICH the homeowners said we can take their paddle boat on.  We are so very excited. 

I have been a busy beaver lately.  I'm taking a photoshop class through the school & am SO very excited to have more options than my little free editing programs to edit photos. I've been busy with Weston's sister's wedding plans, it's an awesomely DIY wedding!!

Remember those pictures of my crafts I promised you?  they're coming too. Oh & pictures of when Grandmother visited. Oh & pictures & a tutorial for our AWESOME glider we got at DI this weekend.

Life is busy & life is so good.

Grandmother & Momma are driving across the U.S. currently to take Grandmother out to Sacramento where she will be working as a welfare specialist for the Sacramento region helping people with job skills & to help them become more marketable for jobs.  She will do an amazing job!

Wes got Super Smash Bros on the Wii with his Christmas money from Grandmother. We are obsessed. I have to say, though, I'm a lightweight & got tired of it first!  Ann even played with us. She was in town from Hawaii for Drue's wedding!

Also, our good friends Mike & Bonnie got married this weekend!  Their wedding was beautiful & they looked SO happy!  I got to hold Weston's bosses cute little toddler on my lap for the ceremony as well. It was such a fun day!


  1. are you moving next to the Salem Pond? i miss that place!!

  2. no, it's not that freakin awesome one! But it's still so great! This one is a pond that these huge houses surround, it's got fields around the houses, not quite like the Salem one that has beautiful trees around it with houses! I'll post pictures of our pond later on!


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