Ivy was a good sport and acted like her 4 week birthday was celebrated well... I won't tell her it was actually horrible.

We were supposed to have our truck loaded this morning. Well we got to chase around our bank and work out issues they caused. Then Weston got to drive around with our moving truck to hunt down a car hauling trailer bc of issues Penske caused. Basically he got home at 6pm with the truck. We know some awesome guys though who came and loaded the truck with him of everything we'd packed so far! By we I mean my mom and Weston! I pretty much felt like I walked in circles not knowing where to begin! I feel bad because I haven't been able to give Ivy the attention I want the past few days. I know she's okay and it's purely selfish but I've missed being able to just hold her all day long!

She is really starting to chunk up! Maybe too fast thanks to formula! I haven't been the greatest at making as much food as she needs so we've had to use formula. Once she went from starving to formula she has gained weight so quickly! It's very reassuring, because her jaundice finally dissipated and no more weight checks either! She's such a sweet natured baby! I'm so lucky and SO happy to have her! I can't kiss and hold her enough!


We had our last visit at Valley OB yesterday. We are sad to never go there for care again! We only had good expereoences. Dr. Drewes was the best doctor and Denise was the sweetest nurse. They are like family to us. We've been working with them for 3.5 years for some things and everyone we ran into or needed help from there was just as sweet as the next. We were excited to bring Ivy back. As this picture shows she was a little crabby at first. A loaded diaper will do that! But it was so fun going and showing her to the different nurses and staff we've worked with for so long.



Weston is very smiley.

Obviously our girl got that from him!
Seriously, it's the cutest thing. The bottom pictures she was awake & laughing. The other two are from when she was sleeping. Not kidding, this girl LAUGHS in her sleep. Often.

3 weeks old

Seriously where has time gone?
Don't try to contest it. She's perfect and obviously very beautiful!


Ivy's birth

**Disclaimer: There is one graphic picture from the surgery**
Well, it was an exciting week! We were due for a scheduled c-section on Saturday the 23rd.
On Thursday I had a second NST (non-stress test) for the week scheduled. My mom treated me to a manicure & pedicure. It felt amaaaaazing.  Then we ran speedy quick to Zupa's. Yum.
I had really really not been feeling well. I was super swollen & felt totally lousy from the high blood pressure. The nurse had told me to go to L&D if my BP was 140/100. My blood pressure had gotten that high the weekend before. I didn't go to L&D, though, because they always just monitor you & send you home. I thought it would be pointless to go in.

That NST was showing to be non-reactive. Ivy's heartrate was not accelerating like it needed to be.
My doctor's nurse, Denise, came in during the NST & gave me the low down for Saturday's c-section.
She told me to go right to L&D if I have flu-like symptoms & some other symptoms. I told her how I had been having those all week.  She ran out of the room & called the doctor. She came back in & informed us that they were doing the c-section that night.

I was so excited.
We ran home & packed.
We hung out at the hospital for a little bit while being monitored.
 The final minutes with the BIG baby bump.
 Mom & I having a fun party.
I was born at the same hospital!
 I started getting really nervous right before the surgery. I thought I was going to pass out.
Everything was going so fast. I was so excited & then when Weston started suiting up I started having an internal freak out.
Everything happened so fast.
We went in for the surgery & it all started.
Dr. Drewes, who has been my doctor now for 3.5 years, was the lead doctor & Dr. Jacob assisted in the surgery.
The anesthesiologist was really nice, but moved super quick.  I feel like I was in there & then holding onto Weston while they did the spinal. I had spinal fusion surgery when I was 13 & have 2 rods in my back & my spine is fused together. I was so relieved when we found out about halfway through the pregnancy that we'd be able to actually do the spinal block. Otherwise it would have been general anesthesia. I was really sad over that thought.  But so he dug a little with the needle trying to get through "so much scar tissue."
It was pretty fun. But really, it wasn't a horrible experience. I was still trying not to pass out at this point.
Then next thing I know, I'm laying down, the drape is up & Dr. Drewes says "Rachel, are you ready for me to start?" "YES, SIR!" "Good, because I already have."
That was weird.
The surgery went well & it took about 5 minutes to get Ivy out. Like I said...it was fast.

No wonder she hadn't been moving as much.  Every time the doctor asked me if she was moving I'd tell him she's moving, but not nearly as much as she used to. But her heart-rate was always fine, so we didn't stress over it. I sometimes would get a little worried, because the entire first 36 or so weeks every ultrasound tech & even the doctor would laugh over how active she was. Then on the NSTs she didn't show much activity. 

The cord was wrapped around Ivy's neck 4 times. The doctors said that was a record for the most times they've ever seen.
It was right then I realized that she wasn't moving as much because she'd flipped so much & got herself all tied up.
I freaked out a little afterwards when I'd heard that.
Weston told me she was out & ran to be with her.
It was a while before Ivy actually cried.
I wasn't nervous, though.
I was kind of having an out of body experience.
When I heard a cry from the warming/cleaning baby area, I realized... "That is my baby crying."
I cannot describe the feeling, but it was amazing.
 When Weston brought her to me, I totally lost it.
I had never seen a more perfect baby in the world.
It was the weirdest feeling. That baby was just inside of me. That baby I rubbed, sang to, talked to, nurtured for those 10 months was then laying in my arms.
She stopped crying as soon as she was placed on my chest. Then she had to be taken away from me to go to the nursery to be put under the toaster oven lights & get a full bath.
As soon as she was pulled away she started crying again.
Weston is the proudest dad.
After the surgery was done I was brought to the recovery room where I laid for quite a while. Finally Weston brought her in to me.
Again, I'd never seen such a precious little person in my life.
I just held her. I was then wheeled to the Mother/Baby floor where our parents came for a quick little visit. It was about 11:30.
I chose to have her brought to me to nurse throughout the night instead of having them feed her. I did that for the first 2 nights in the hospital. The last 2 nights I had her stay in the nursery & take formula.. ..those nights were amazing. I love sleep.
My csection was completely smooth & uneventful. It was awesome. I swear it was a miracle recovery. I only needed Motrin after the surgery. I have been able to move, bend, laugh, sneeze, cough, move & carry Ivy around everywhere. It has been totally awesome.
Weston is totally in love with Ivy.
He is the sweetest dad. & has done really well with his crash-course to babies.
 I heart sleep.

We moved rooms after our first day into a bigger room.

 Ivy loves milk shakes.
 Punky with Ivers.
 Bonding time with Grumps
 I love this baby so much. 
 Snuggle bunny.

 We were surrounded by lots of loved ones during the week! Weston's family was there most of the day every day! It was nice to be able to show our baby to those we love.

 She was legitimately alert & smiling. OH my goodness. She was only 3 days old in this picture.

 Wearing her little outfit from grandma.
The outfit she's laying on top of is the outfit Wes & I bought to bring home from the hospital.
She doesn't quite fit in newborn stuff... Except now that she's almost 2 weeks old her little limbs have grown so long.
Love this baby so much.
 Going home!
 Wes & punky.
Chase came to help us load up the hospital room.
We accumulated quite the collection of goods staying there for 4 days.
My family was in town for Thanksgiving & staying at a hotel in Provo, so we've been staying at a hotel.
It's been relaxing. & really nice to have our bed made & free breakfast.
 She loves being able to stretch out.
 I seriously love this rocking napper my coworkers gave me.
It is amazing.
Cute bum.
 I love that fuzzy head.
I can't believe we didn't get a little bald baby!
I love her hair!

It has been the most incredible experience & cannot believe she is 12 days old already. I have no idea where the time goes. She is such a mellow & content baby. I cannot say that enough. She is an angel & don't ever put her down.  I could hold her in my arms all day every day.
I love our sweet Ivy Jane.


She's here.


Ivy Jane Brinkerhoff


7 lbs 8 oz

19 inches long

Pure perfection.

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