Ivy was a good sport and acted like her 4 week birthday was celebrated well... I won't tell her it was actually horrible.

We were supposed to have our truck loaded this morning. Well we got to chase around our bank and work out issues they caused. Then Weston got to drive around with our moving truck to hunt down a car hauling trailer bc of issues Penske caused. Basically he got home at 6pm with the truck. We know some awesome guys though who came and loaded the truck with him of everything we'd packed so far! By we I mean my mom and Weston! I pretty much felt like I walked in circles not knowing where to begin! I feel bad because I haven't been able to give Ivy the attention I want the past few days. I know she's okay and it's purely selfish but I've missed being able to just hold her all day long!

She is really starting to chunk up! Maybe too fast thanks to formula! I haven't been the greatest at making as much food as she needs so we've had to use formula. Once she went from starving to formula she has gained weight so quickly! It's very reassuring, because her jaundice finally dissipated and no more weight checks either! She's such a sweet natured baby! I'm so lucky and SO happy to have her! I can't kiss and hold her enough!

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  1. Rachel, you are the sweetest Mom! Love is going to take you far! Weston, you have had your share of struggles with all that has happened but still smiling! Your problems are Rachel's and Rachel's are yours! Way to be a team and pull through to the sunshine! Keep up the good work, you two!


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