The real Christmas

We had soooo much fun at Christmas with the Brinkerhoff's!
We all got to go down there & be together!

We shared lots of fun stories, reminisced about Grandpa Brink & made sooo many more hilarious memories!

Something new to me:
The Poof.
I still can't do it, but Miss Natasha is the QUEEN!
My favorite is how it looks when it is being done. So hilarious.
She ran around the house forever & I ran behind her till I could snatch this picture.

 Kell Bell getting ready!

 Working on "the poof"
 Melissa trying on her wedding dress!
This is Joan's old dress that Melissa is going to wear for her wedding, too! Except it won't look like this at all because she's altering it by changing the sleeves & the neck of it! I am so excited for her! She wasn't "officially engaged when this picture happened, that was the Friday following Christmas, but let's be honest, she had a band on her finger & we met Taylor's parents that weekend &  it was so fun!
 Grandpa Steven's profession was as a butcher! Needless to say he cut the ham perfectly!
 De happy wittle couple.
They're premiering April 28, 2012
I hope our babies have those adorable Brinkerhoff dimples!

 I love him so much!
& yes, we're plaid twinners
 Wes & Mama Joan!

 Presents from Gma & Gpa Stevens!

 niiiiiiccccceeeee hahah
 quack hahahah
 Taylor duzz drugzz
 All of our lotions exploded on our faces hahahah


 Dave was so excited about his 4 wheeler handle-bar warmers!

 Wes & I gave Gma & Gpa Stevens pictures of their grandkids!
 Tasha being a flying squirrel in her new shirt!
 Tasha w/ the squirrel boy.
Taylor's outfit is awesome here. He forgot church clothes. So he wore a white shirt tucked into jeans w/ a tie. Awesome, but he doesn't have a tie on here so it's pretty hilarious!
 Kellie & Sadie!
 Practicing my photography w/ fast shutter water pictures.
Wes sweater after a run was perfect. He didn't mind being sprayed with water.

Taylor & Melissa "officially" engaged!
I'm so excited to have Taylor in the family. We all have so much fun!
This is on New Years!
We also took some engagement pictures this weekend, they turned out AWESOME!
xoxojingle bells!


  1. Yes, I loved this too! Great job Rach! Thanks for sharing!


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