I had a weird experience last week.

I was driving home for my lunch break.  I was coming over the hill down on 2230 N headed towards my apartment. There was a blob in the middle of the street at the bottom of the hill. I could tell, it was kind of moving, though. It looked like an old man hunched over. "Oh dear, why is he in the street?" my thoughts proceeded to analyze the situation..hmmm...it's moving way too fast for a hunched over old man...I get closer (yeah it took me a while to approach because the Geo is just that fast).  No, it is not an old man. It is an idiot hipster boy skateboarding. down the middle of the road. & not one of those back street neighborhood roads. One with 2 lanes each way & painted lines.  & he was riding on an inside lane, so not even NEAR the shoulder. idiot. I figured he had a death wish, so I ran him over. Just kidding. But I wanted to.  Anyways, when I passed him giving him a look that told him I thought he was an idiot, I should have used my manual window roller to roll down the window & tell him that.  I just watched in aw.  He must only think he exists on this planets & that cars don't actually need to use the road.

 picture middle right boy in mustard shirt.
fitting because that was the lane he was in.

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