Is this a day full of music or something??

Okay, so I was reading my friend, Deidre's blog.
She posted about these 2 girls who she's competed in pageants with. 
Apparently they were on or won America's Got Talent. I wouldn't know, we don't have cable.
BUT I was listening to this song. & loved it. It's inspiring.  Not necessarily referring to the love part.
Especially because both these two girls(sisters) have Cystic Fibrosis.
That is quite the battle to be fighting.
Anyways, I was watching it & recognized that town where it was filmed....HELLO, Franklin, TN! I love my hometown. Itching to get baaaaaaack!


  1. Hey girl! The girls are from Idaho Falls but they definitely have been out in TN recording(and obviously filming a music video)! Love that it is in your hometown. PS. I got to thinking. Are you doing photography? I might want you to take my head shots if we can get schedules to work.

  2. I went to high school with Ali! Small world! Glad they discovered good ol' Franklin :) We need to get together stat.

  3. Deidre, so cool that those girls are from IF! I love that place! & yes I am doing photography! E-mail or Facebook me & we can talk about it if you'd like! I'd love to do your headshots! & D, I would not expect any less my friend! & yes let's PLEASE get together very very shortly :)

  4. Fun, Rachel! I love Franklin, TN, too as you know. I am so excited about the fact that you are hoping to go back there to live! Maybe I'll be home by the time you get "home." Sure love you and Weston! Wish I could play this now, but afraid to wake up my companion. Oh well, another time...


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