The Incredible Weston

Poor Wes has been working SO hard firefighting in Arizona!
I'm so excited for that awesome man to come home!
He said he's become a cactus hugger through this experience.
Looks like terrain that should be protected, huh? Okay, I'll stop being a greenery snob now.
 "Yeah, some firefighters save babies, I save cacti."
Uh...don't stand so close to those flames!
Does he look like he's enjoying himself?

He has loved the intense fires they have been on, but has been dying from the heat down there. Sunday they got called to a fire that was on a mountain face.  It was a timber fire 4 miles off a trail. So, at 3 in the afternoon they went out there wearing their boots, yellows, & greens plus their 50-70 pound packs & 2 gallons of water.  He said they were at a pace just below a jog & they kept that pace the whole way to the fire. It was 108 degrees outside.  The evening barely cooled off for them, too.  They had already been working since 6a.m. that morning. They then worked on that fire through the night & all the way through Monday afternoon. They worked 32 hours straight. I asked him how he was doing afterwards.  "My feet are a little tired." Uh, yeah. bhahah

I asked him if he's doing okay with his water intake vs. the heat, etc. 
Wes: "Yeah, this fire was better because there was more shade from the trees."
Me:  "Uh yeah, the trees that are on fire...'Ah, the flames, they create so much shade from the sun, how kind!'"

Sometimes I think I married the Hulk or maybe the Energizer bunny.
No...not so much...

Yep, that's just right.



  1. Haha I love the energizer bunny!! Wes is such a hard worker! Hope he comes home soon so you guys can get some time together.

  2. HAHA!!! How'd you do that? I didn't know the energizer bunny and Weston favored each other so much! bahahaha!! So clever!!

  3. I want him to go home to you and be away from all the heat too! Hope he stays safe and you do too!

  4. That fire picture is really cool. You are such a strong girl Rachel! We'll keep you guys in our prayers during fire season =)


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