First of all, I have to give a shout-out to Aunt Kathy. I love her! 

Dang, yesterday I was totally off on life. Physical therapy went way over my lunch break time. So, I stayed late at work to make up time. Then I went to LB to get my oil changed. 2nd time going. 2nd time it was closed when I went. Frustrating. Especially since it's up in Lindon. The $$ I saved with the CityDeals ad is slowly dissipating in gas costs.

I went to target to window shop away my woes & to make it feel worth the trip all the way up there. I love that place! Except then I just hopped on the interstate & came home. I forget to go to Dani's to watch the Bachelorette. dangit!

Awesome news though!  For the first time in days I got to talk to Wes last night. Poor boy gave me 40 minutes of talk time, every few minutes he'd some how work into what he was saying "I'm so tired," so maybe I'd have a heart and say "Aw, poor thing, I should let you go so you can sleep!"  I didn't. I'm terrible, I know.  BUT I cherished our entire conversation. I miss him like crazy. I am having a lot of fun & keeping super busy, but I really REALLY miss him.

He makes everything great. worth it. & just plain better!

He loves his job, but he's ready to come home. Poor guy said they're just so hot down there.
He's now been on 5 different fires down in Arizona.
He started the fire season May 1, they went available nationally for fire calls May 9 & by May 11 they were in Nevada. They spent a week there, then spent almost 2 weeks in Colorado. & then was home for about 2 days before leaving for Arizona.

Currently his fire is called the 257 fire. HA! They never have number names, I'm laughing about that! It has active fire behavior. It is 3,157 acres.  It is a brush fire. Structures & power lines are threatened.

 He's been sleeping on top of his sleeping bag & has woken up drenched in sweat each night. They don't have A/C in their truck, except for up in the cab where the Squadees and Squad Leads are driving.  He is basically hating the heat right now. He said that the temperature got up to 104 yesterday & the black, where they were working (black=the ground that has already been burned & they're clearing through it to make sure there are no embers left) is at least 5 or 6 degrees hotter. They have their boots, pants, shirts & yellows on, along with their hard hats. & their 50 pound pack, plus 2 gallons of water that they have on their back. AT ALL TIMES.  I really worry about him with heat stroke, etc. He said they were all moving really slow yesterday, just completely wrecked from the heat. He's askin for prayers that they get released from that one soon.

Have I ever told you that on our first date I made it clear to Wes that I am afraid of spiders and I DO NOT kill them. However, I always make sure they die. Pre college, thanks dad! During college, thanks Syd. Since marriage, thanks Wes! However, on that first date, Wes responded with, "Well, I'm really scared of spiders, too!" I was like, "Uhh....I don't think we're going to work out..." bahah we did, however he's had to buck up & be the spider killer.

He told me last night that one of these days he's been on the fire he was cleaning up in the black & that there are these HUGE spiders EVERYWHERE. He said that he was cleaning up in a black and saw this huge spider (huge=size of 2 silver dollars) running at him, so he said he turned the other way & started running and that it "actually changed directions & kept chasing me! It was hunting me!" hahahhahhahah I love him!

He told me about these spiders that are called hobo spiders. They have flesh eating venom. I asked him if he's seen any of them.  "Well, I was chased down by a spider...." haahhaha We'll just assume it has flesh eating venom inside its face.

In the end, Wes informed me his tour got extended. I'm so sad. He's been gone for 2.5 weeks already.  At this rate I'll see him 1 a month this summer!  I miss him!

My heart is somewhere 11.5+ hours away in the middle of Arizona.

Also, Spencie leaves tomorrow. My heart aches every time I think about it. Him & I are bestfriends. I love him so much!



  1. This makes me cry! I'm crying for poor Weston and I'm crying for you for missing Weston and for losing that cute, sweet little brother for two yearsl I will pray for Weston-he is being pushed to his LIMITS isn't he? Woweee!! I look forward to seeing him/giving him a Ma hug and feeding him or something awesome! Love you dearest Rachel! Thinking of YOU!

  2. Rachel, this made me sad, too! So many sacrifices you two are making! I feel totally sorry for the both of you! I know it is hard to think about missing Spencer for two years. It seems like a lifetime but if his mission is anything like mine, it will go by so, so fast for him because he will be so ultra busy! He is going to make a great missionary, for sure! Like you, I am so proud of him and we are all going to miss him so much, too! Take care of yourself and hopefully, we can talk soon! Love you, Rach!


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