I survived...

(The fiance insisted I put a picture on this post. ew)
Last night Wes & I got to talk for a couple hours. It was good to hear his voice. I had gotten home too late Sunday & Monday nights to be able to talk to him. Anyways, I was laying on the bed with my phone on my ear & all of a sudden this enormous bug, the size of an eagle, flew into my room like a spaz and ran into the wall and then was flying around hitting all my walls, meanwhile I was screaming bloody murder, running around my room trying to dodge the nasty mystery bug. It finally succeeded to hit the wall above my bed & take a crash landing on my bed. Now, the crickets in Tennessee are black & the grasshoppers are green. It looked like a giant Cricket because it was fatter than a grasshopper. So, it starts crawling all over my bed. The whole time Weston is howling, he thinks it is the funniest thing ever. I guess he didn't believe me on the enormity of this bug, because he told me to hang up the phone, text him a picture of it & then call him back. So, we hung up, & all the time, this bug is crawling all over my bed & under my covers & i tried to get it out & then it just crawled off the foot of my bed near my bookshelf & into the abyss under my bed...or up the covers from underneath. I was hysterical to say the least. I grabbed my pillow, throw blankets & set up camp on the couch. I turned off my bedroom light, left the door open & turned on the bathroom light hoping the grasscricket would go to the bathroom. It wasn't there this morning.. & I guess my roomate turned off the light. because it was not on. My trap didn't work.
Hmm...I guess he's campin out with me, he probably wants to spoon tonight or something, he is not that lucky.


  1. Rachel, I totally sympathize with you! I brought a HUGE bumblebee in from the outside to my powder bath. I totally freaked out! For two days I didn't go in there again, and then left on my trip to Florida. When I got back, after a day I decided I need to face the bumblebee. When I opened the door, there was no sign of it. Either Mark, Spencer or Chase took care of it or some magic Bug Fairy came and took it away. Mine is not to question or wonder why! Just happy, no bumblebee! Maybe the Bug Fairy will visit your place, too!

  2. you mean living in the love shack didn't cure you from being scared of bugs? me neither.

  3. hahaha i opened up your blog and just read the last line that says "he probably wants to spoon tonight or something, he is not that lucky" and i thought you were talking about weston. and i felt soooo immediately uncomfortable.
    thank you for having it be about a cricket. i love you.


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