I live on the edge...of deadlines!

I texted this picture to my mom during class.
(that is my cute wedding book my mom made me and my Chronic Disease handout)
Along with something along the lines of, "We know what is obviously taking precedence."
Class got out at 6:30 and I saw a girl walking a paper up to my professor. I thought, 'weird!' I then continued out of the room...then it dawned on me...didn't we have an assignment for a paper this semester....no....yes?...uhh..classes end next week...it would be due...now. . .
I drop my back pack and rip my syllabus out....uhm, sure enough, a 7-8 pg paper was due today. What the heck is wrong with me? How has this been the 3rd slip up of this short term? AH. So, I walk back in the room to ask if she'll accept late papers. She was talking to other students. I waited and waited. I then got my turn and said, "...uhh....so I just saw in the syllabus you accept late papers for a 10% grade reduction...how late is late?" "midnight tonight." "okay! So, I have seriously lost my head this semester, I'm engag..." "oh, no, you brain is useless. Anyone engaged's brain is always useless. I won't ever hire someone who is engaged or close to being engaged, because until they're married their brain is totally useless." She asked when my wedding was, I told her, and she said I was the extreme useless right now hahah, we laughed about it & I said, well I'm have a date with the library to crank out a 7 page paper, I'll e-mail it to you before midnight!
Holy cow folks, I did well on that midterm I forgot about & now I finished a 7 page paper in 2 hours folks... and it is a good one, if you ask me! I'm pretty proud.


  1. Oh no! You're not the only one.. The girl sitting next to me forgot as well. She saw everyone turning them in and asked to borrow my syllabus.. At least you got it done though :)

  2. At least your professor understands! I'm really glad I wasn't in school during the semester I got married. I don't think I would've been able to handle it all.


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