Oh, how great it is

Well my trip home was fantastic! Seriously, I loved it! I got to spend a good amount of time w/ the boys, which was nice! I loved being out there in Natchez too. The only house in sight and trees EVERYWHERE. Ah, that's heaven right there!!
I've had a few mini-miracles happening. (sparing details) #1Ends have met and $ literally fell in and Dec. and Jan. can now be paid, when originally I was nervous to even be able to pay for Dec. If I couldn't pay for November, there's NO way there are job opportunities enough to pay for January as well! But seriously...I was blessed... and it wasn't just in one huge thing it was little things that just made my jaw drop. #2 I bombed my Physiology test...when I saw bombed I mean I've never done so bad on a test...especially one that I studied as long for as I did...So I was talking to Keith about it today and he told me to just try talking to Dr. Rhees. So I did and seriously it was so hard because I hate crying poor, but he was so understanding. I think he could see the sincerity. He said that no matter what I was going to pass the class and that if I try really hard on the final he can get me a B-....I mean WOW, that is incredible and a serious blessing. I've been so stressed out with school, but trying to keep it under control! Everything is in control!
I also had Living Prophets class yesterday which is ALWAYS a booster. That class puts me on a HIGH. I love it! Especially the topics of the prophets is so positive! It's a miracle I'm blogging right now, can I just fill you in on what I have got to do? :D
.4 page HUM paper due Thurs.
.Field study and final project in CSPE
.NT Class Journals
.NT 10 page paper
.NT Final in class Monday
.Living Prophets Take Home Essay
.Living Prophets Final
But after I conquer all this stuff I just have 3 finals left! Only Physiology, Humanities and Stats....which happen to be my 3 hardest classes...and their midterms always fell together....which was FANTASTIC. But all I have is those...by the way I'm on my way home again 2 weeks tomorrow....WOAH!
Another thing over break that gave me a really good feeling is I got together w/ friends from high school that I loved in high school and we spent all our time together, but we just drifted apart, everyone went their separate ways. But we all got together my last night I was home, minus Jenna, old Josh (OJ) and new Josh, Mitch, and Jake. Other than that it was perfect!
I forgot how much I love being at home...and I was really excited to go home. Nothing feels the same as home...seriously. It was so great to have our whole family together for the first time in a year! AH, I can't wait for 2 weeks! (it's going to be stressful untill then)
While I was loving home I was also appreciating my roomates a lot too. I'll give them a little shout out later. It was so great to catch up w/ Syd again. We talked over break... we're talkin serious withdrawals folks. I missed Carla's Zest. I missed Whitney's reality checks she gives me (i'm not being sarcastic). I missed Jess' stories. Most of all I missed Tara's lovin. She's not very expressive but you can feel it shen she's happy to see you. Tara Wheatley: one of the nicest people I know...and I live with her, so I know the ins and outs and yes she's as good as she appears!

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