Christmas in Franklin.

First of all, TN is the greatest because it was 70 my first day back and is 65 on Christmas Eve!
This is the Nativity set sitting on top of our entertainment center at our apartment. My grandmother gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago and said she wanted to have given me my first nativity set. I was like...cool! Thanks. I really did mean the thanks, but I kind of just stored it away not knowing what to do with it. When I was home for thanksgiving and unpacking my room I found it! It is the greatest thing ever! Not many college kids have a nativity set, but it's so important to remember the true meaning of Christmas! This was definitely a good reminder having it set up in the center of our apartment! Thanks Grandmother! Beautiful downtown Franklin. It's my favorite place in the world!
Franklin decorates for every holiday. Here's the civil war monument sharin it's round-about with a Christmas tree! There are pros and cons for growin up in such a religious area. I live in the buckle of the 'bible-belt'. Tennessee has a church on EVERY corner, but only one every hour or so is an LDS building. It is so great because everyone celebrates Christmas and there are many community nativity scenes, acting out of Luke II, etc. And my favorite Christmas decoration of anywhere is this Noel that is up on top of this building! This cornershop downstairs became a starbucks a few years ago (as in probably 7+), but that NOEL is there every year! Just thought I'd throw this one i nthere, this is my ADORABLE bed hair I woke up w/ this morning. This doesn't even do it justice!


  1. love the hair. and i seriously CAN'T wait to see tennessee in person!! i miss you, xoxo

  2. i'm so mad i missed out on that hair! wow! i love Frankliny Christmases too.


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