US. It's Epic.

We recently had an US Christmas gathering. US includes the following families: Sherwoods, Welshes, Allans and recent addition: The Raymonds. How did US originate? Well once upon a time in the year 2003 two families moved into Franklin turning the mormons from Jenna and I to Mitch, Josh, Jenna and I. Ty was a Junior, but he was part of us too. Us 5 were inseparable. Each of the families all had younger kids of similar ages as well. So we would get together on Sunday nights and play games, etc. It added a new element to High School! So 6 days later our families are still partyin hard! To the Left: Kenz and I. Mitch isn't here to sit on my lap anymore, so I use Kenz while he's gone....a little heavier though. This picture is my favorite one from the recent US get together. We were seein who could hold the most people, Kels was leapin onto Kenz and Spence! ha Jenna and Boo. I like how Boo has pieces of leaves sticking out of her mouth. She loves to eat leaves, sticks and bark. weird dog Dani and Ty! We lost Josh in April to Colorado, but Ty got home from his mission in November.! YEAH!


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