This is where I'll hopefully be working as a second job in a couple of weeks! Saturday night I did nothing. I napped and attempted starting a research paper for New Testament, unsuccessful. I then decided to look for other jobs online since I had not been hired by the BYU advisement center. I saw 3 openings @ the Health center. I need the 8-12 shift of whatever job I get. So, I e-mailed the contact e-mail to make sure there wa still a job opening. She replied back this morning there is, but they're interviewing this week and for me to bring in my resume and OST scores between 8am and 3pm. I worked @ 11 and have class till 6:40, so I skipped physiology and hiked over to the Health center in the FREEZING snow(no pun intended). p.s. it snowed for the first time today, it reminded me how much I do NOT like snow!
I left my apartment w/ straight hair and carefully done makeup and arrived at the testing center 40 minutes later frozen, wet, and afro-ed hair w/ melted makeup :D I was a wreck, but was still smiling. :D So, I got in and talked w/ Daneen White and she loved me! She called in another lady to talk w/ me as well. And good news folks, there IS a bus stop right next to the health center. So no more blisters from boots :D. So, she gave me the downlow on the job. Basically I'll be making appointments for the patients, etc. So, I'm excited about it. She said she'd for sure call within the next couple of days and let me know. If I do get the job I'll be starting January 5!! I absolutely cannot wait!
As for this weekend, it was not a good one. I was being a totally negative Ned. I was feeling under the weather all day Friday, yet I had so much schoolwork looming over me. Then, I had my soccer game that night. That kind of woke me up from everything. That was really exciting. I then went home and showered and got ready for Carla's party. It was okay. Definitely not my scene, but she loved it, so that's all that matters, it was for her birthday. I think every Provo All-star showed up too :D hahah So the party was okay, we then go outside and Syd's car had gotten towed...yeah gay...it had our coats, phones and purses in it...I was wearing shorts too...i know, I'm genius. So we hike to Kieli's cousin's apt. He lives in belmont, though none of him or his roomates were home. We got to sit inside and warm up for a bit though. So we hiked the rest of the way to Kieli's apt. It was so cold and miserable. Then we had to go retreive Syd's car. Long story short an hour later we were able to go get it. We did have a good photo-shoot though. THought we might make light of it and look at the whole thing w/ a positive attitude (though to be honest at the beginning I was not anywhere even close to a smile) We were laughing by the end, though.
We finally thawed out when we got back to our apt. All day saturday I was such a negative ned again. I seriously dont know what my issues were. I just had the attitude of "atleast the semester's going to be over soon". It was horrible, I couldn't get myself to snap out of it. Saturday night I had the worst dream ever, I don't even want to talk about it, it was horrible. It made me so sad and sick all day. I've never had a dream that has had such an influence over my entire day.
Church was fantastic as always and was quite the booster. I was still having complete writer's block with my New Testament paper though. That's due late tonight, so I was freaking out. I had a sunday night nap and that totally snapped me out of it. I was then positive. Oh man, I seriously was kicking myself, but all the meanwhile could not get myself to shape up out of my negativity. So, I was glad that nap gave me a good kick in the pants some how!
Today I went to work, was super positive, and life is great again! ah I love it! :D and I interviewed with the Health Center too, and that's looking bright! I can't wait! :D I love you all and sorry this blog was a little bit of a Debbie downer! I just thought I'd let you know what was up this weekend, even if it wasn't so cheery! I may end up editing this out later, but I just thought I'd spill it all now!

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