So my family loves to play games. Growing up, anytime our family was home and had an open schedule, we would always play games. I have grown up on games and have loved them since day one. I swear I came out of the womb with puzzle pieces in my fists. My mom said I could rip through puzzles when I was 2. I actually was in the circus for a few months one summer for that 'baby that can do a puzzle freakin fast!' act. It was really great. So one game we got for Christmas last year is Blokus. Best game ever. We played it all break and we've pulled it out again this time and we're just as obsessed. We've even gotten Aunt Julie wrapped in it. The most played game this break award is tied between the all-classic "Phase 10" and "Blokus". Granted, playing these games are not always just fun and games. Why do we like to play games so much? Because we're extremely competetive. I never liked to think I'm competetive, until the day that I realized I was indenial about the fact that I never let the kids I babysat win.... These games could make or break relationships. Not kidding. One second someone will be loving you for blocking someone else and then you're blocking them your next turn and you get clipped from the family tree. My grandmother tells me I have a big heart because I help her lay her pieces. My mom then proceeds to call her a democrat. Then my aunt Julie says yeah she may have a big heart, but it's kind of evil. (They don't recognize that I help my grandmother lay her pieces and BASICALLY it's helping me block them... that's not why I help grandmother, but when I lay her pieces, I most definitely don't block myself :D) xoxo

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