Roomate Celebration!

Friday Tara found out she was accepted into the accounting program. It was extra incredible because she turned in all her stuff only about 2 weeks before and no one was supposed to find out till middle/end of february! SOOOOO basically she's really great! Syd and I wanted to celebrate for her and Whit, who was accepted into the el-ed program at the beginning of fall semester, but we hadn't celebrated it yet, so we did a duo party! Here's some pictures of the cupcakes we made them and the sign Syd so beautifully created!


  1. seriously. this is why I love having roommates - when they do sweet things like this for others, it is what makes byu so special and what brings us closer to God by loving his children. I betcha that He wanted to make cupcakes for them, and He did through you two. so sweet. I know this sound so cheesy, but i mean it... this is so sweet. it's the little things in life that matter so much!


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