Church crashers?

So this past weekend Syd and I were the 2 laziest people 0n the face of the planet. Granted, we've been very productive since winter break and done our homework and gone to bed at or before 12 every night! With the exception of maybe once or twice! SO this weekend we were dog sitting her cousin's dog while her and her family went to a resort somewhere. We put perma-creases in their couch cushions, it was hands down the comfiest couch of MY LIFE! So, Sunday rolls around and we say, well we need to go to church. But we didn't feel like going to our ward so Syd said we should go to some random ward and throw on some accents and a wild story. So, Sunday morning we got all dolled up and went around trying to find a Sacrament meeting we'd like to attend. We drove around Orem and could only find retirement area buildings. So we headed back down University into Provo and decided on a freshman ward. So we go and I swear there are about 50 people in the whole chapel...Syd and I are like...whoa not to draw attention to the girls that aren't in this ward.... We found out though that a kid that was in that ward from the previous semester had a farewell so the majority of the ward was attending that instead!
We got a lot of curious looks peering at us throughout the meeting. We decided to book it out of the chapel so as to avoid all discussion w/ ward members. So, we did. It was a successful church crashing session! Oh and on our way out we saw an incredible park job outside the JKB, thought it was the perfect photo-op!

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  1. i like that picture, but i'm a little confused... when did the "crashing" happen?


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