What a wonderful feeling!

Oh man. This has turned out to be a fantastic week! I mean, aside from my near-frostbit experience, it has been a really good one!

-Salt Lake Center classes are going fantastic

-Made HUGE progress in my genealogy stuff

-Decided I'm going home this summer

-Get to nanny this summer for the families I nannied in High School for full-time work

-It's warming up during the day

-It has not snowed the past couple days

-Met some other non-freshmen in my freshmen courses

-Spent a lot of time with my mini-tramp

-I am having a good hairday

-Just feeling so happy!

p.s. can I just say how much fun I'd think it'd be to live in the "Singin' in the Rain" era! Seriously, everyone was so classy, yet still a little wild. p.s.s. also can I throw out there how great it feels to be getting sleep! With work I have to be out the door by 7:30, or I'm screwed, so the mornings are EARLY. Because of my early mornins I've actually been going to bed and for the first time since...uhh maybe early high school years, I'm getting sleep! It's the most awesome feeling! I do feel like an old fart, though,when I go out, I sometimes get tired early....that's not okay. But for the most part, feeling rested WAY outweighs the cons!



  1. YES! you're sleeping! I love it more than you do trust me, because then you can't take your anger out on me :) haha.
    Are you nannying for Kelley & Lori this summer?? AHh i'm jealous. I'm sure they're SO happy they found someone though!

  2. For Lori, I actually need to text her back and confirm, but I didn't hear back from Kelley, so I'm still needing to talk to her! I'm so excited!

  3. aw! i'm so glad you ol' geeser! way to get healthy! just remember, you can sleep in on the weekends....so we need to CHILL!!! love ya!


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