About 2nd night home for break I just about drove Dani, my grandmother and i into a guard rail...yeah....we would've died... That experience confirmed my want to go to the eye dr. So these past 2 weeks over break I have only been wearing my glasses, because I'm a brainiac and forgot to pack spare contacts. Today I finally made it into Sam's Club. They treat me so well there! They feed me lunch via millions of samples and happily check my eyeballs and tell me that I'm legally blind. So the Dr. Nieber is the bomb.com and he's one of those dr.s that doesn't have any social skills, but he's one kool kat. But today there was a girl dr.! DOUBLE WHAT?! Dr. Nieber is the man, MY eyeball man! Yet, she took just as good care of me! New perscription and more TLC made my vision that much better! Hoorah for being in club de Sam's!

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