Killer Trax

So Syd and I are taking classes at the Salt Lake Center on Wednesdays.

Last week we were heading up and couldn't remember which exit to take. We got off the interstate an exit too early. Thank heavens for the grid system. We were able to find our way to the Salt Lake Center. However, we ran into a near-death experience on our way.

One definite plus about Utah is its incredible bus system. It's called UTA and in SLC they have a branch of it called Trax. Trax is a railway system that runs all through downtown Salt Lake and into surrounding cities. It is a train system that's tracks are in the ground, kind of like those trolleys at Disney World or something.

Devon has recently deemed me accident prone, due to my snow plow incident and a couple other bad run-ins, in his e-mail he sent me on Monday. I responded to his e-mail refuting the accusation. Then Wednesday night I sent him another e-mail and told him that I am officially accident prone. Here's the story:

We got off of I-15 an intersection too early and we're looking for the Salt Lake Center. We come to a stop light and I saw it and yelled, "There it is!" It was ahead of us about 5 or so blocks. So, we're sitting at the intersection and then Syd casually says, "Oh, look, a train's coming!" So I turn around and look out the back left window and I see this trax train headed straight for us. It felt so unreal, I looked like it was just a semi coming up to the light next to us. Then, we follow the tracks w/ our eyes and realize that the car was braked past the white line and that the front end of the car was on the lighter colored pavement, signifying the section of the road used for trax. When I realized we were in the way of the train I grabbed Syd's thigh and just started screaming bloody murder over and over. The train passed in front of us seriously right around the front of her car, as in inches from it. Let me just set up the scene for you. We're in her car there is a train running inches from her car and eachtime a new train car passed was just as scary. I'm screaming like a lunatic and Syd just sat there frozen, mouth gaping open. I was still screaming and she finally snapped out of it and looks over at me and yells, "SHUT UP!" I stopped screaming (not really realizing I had been haha) and she then rips her car into reverse. Then we both looked at eachother and just started laughing so hard. It was the kind of laughing that you do once every lightyear where from the get up there is no sound attached your stomach is clenched so hard and you can't breathe. Oh, man scariest moment of my life. Somewhere along the way, not sure if it was when I realized we were about to get hit by a train or from laughing so hard, I wet my pants. Not even kidding, that's how scary it was, I have really good bladder control too! Sorry, I'm not sparing any details.

I guess it happens sometimes..yikes that completely could've been us. This picture is even more eerie because that car in that picture looks just like Syd's little VW Golf!


  1. ummm scary.
    & i felt really bad for syd for a second, rachel's screams are out of control & always make the situation worse. I would've yelled shut up and slapped her.
    so scary. Hope you had a diaper bag with a change of underwear & pants!

  2. oh my fetch. that was a very well-told tale. i cannot believe the lives you two have.
    also. i really really like your top picture.


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