There's no place like home....

SO, great news ladies and gentlemen, I may be able to go home for Summer!! I'm so excited! I've been feeling kind of sick about living in Utah again this summer. I kind of know this will be my last chance to really go live at home before life starts picking up!

The #1 thing about going home is definitely to be able to spend time with my family before I get any older! I want to be able to spend time with my brothers, now that I'm mature enough to enjoy their company. There are also some other bomb things about Franklin, though. I hope you enjoy this mini salespitch I'm throwing. Also, anyone who ever wants to come visit is more than welcome to stay @ my house!

#2 intense Civil war history

Battle of Franklin is said to be the single most bloody day in the civil war. My ward is named after the epic hill (Winstead Hill) Every year we have a pancake memorial breakfast out on Winstead hill. It's said that all of Franklin was ankle-deep in blood....yeah gross. It was confederate land, so it's rich in that history as well w/ confederate graveyards and memorials all over the place

Carnton Plantation that was taken over by Union soldiers and it was used as a Yankee hospital.

#3 Awesome Scenery: incredible sunrises and sets, lots of trees, pastures, and naturally green

#4 Lots of celebrities
It's not uncommon to see someone famous often. It's funny, because Franklin is no big city, but lots of celebrities live or have moved to Franklin. Some include:
Trey and Miley Cyrus- Miley's brother and lead singer of Metro Station, yes he was in my class freshman and sophomore year of hs, but back then he was quiet and had blonde shaggy hair and 0 tattos and piercings hah
Last summer Miley Cyrus filmed her Hannah Montana movie @ our new built high school! Except for they had semis carrying in palm trees. Gay, it's apparently supposed to be california or somethin. Such a scene :D

Steve McNair and Sarah Evans- I pass both their houses on the way to Jenna's

And last, but not least, Paramore. Yes, I'm name dropping on this one, because Haley dropped out of school before she got to high school. She was a grade below me, but the guys were all seniors when I was a freshman. One day during senior lunch I was walking through the commons and I hear "Monica, Crystal, Samantha, Rachel" I looked up and they all cheered. I was so scared. It was a huge group of guys and I guess they were just throwing out random names trying to guess my name. Oh, man, I wouldn't be surprised if I ran away. hahah



  1. you forgot like 903845035834058 celebrities. But it's cool, I guess you hit your favorites.

  2. nah, these are just the ones that popped up when I google imaged franklin, tn

  3. also don't forget the time i caught keith urban singing to himself in his car - him and nicole kidman live just down that one road past grassland middle


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