2009 You Make Me Feel So Fine

Whaaaaaat's up!? Long time no blogging! Let me just give you a little fill in sesh!
Christmas break=INCREDIBLE!
I had such a great time with my family, extended included!
School: It is going so well! I am taking less credits and it has made all the difference. I'm on my last semester of GE's! HALLELUJAH! I like all my professors and courses, so that makes it nice! Syd and I are taking SLC classes on Wednesdays from 5-9:10, so basically we're in salt lake from 4-10 on Wednesdays! And yes, we are the only dorks to ACTUALLY commute to salt lake during the winter semester. HA!
Weather: INSANE! It snowed from Monday morning to Tuesday night, STRAIGHT. Not even kidding, it didn't let up once. there is a layer of 3 feet of snow on the edge of the sidewalks, I have NEVER seen anything like it. It kind of scares me to be honest. Snow freaks me out. All I can say is props to those people who can and CHOOSE to live in snowy cold weather. It definitely can get cold back home, but it doesn't snow....when I was younger I'd always say, "If it's going to feel this cold, it might as well snow!" I am now SO glad it never did ha! AH! But yeah, so Syd and I took a grocery store run Monday night and her car got stuck on the tiniest hill. We stopped by Ty's apt and he wanted to come w/ us so he did. We did our shopping, then went to his mission buddy's apartment and her car got stuck there too! Both times nice boys came and helped push us out. Wed. when we were headed to the SLC we also got stuck, but some nice boys reversed down the street in their truck and came and pushed it out. Provo is really great!
Life: Great. This semester has been better just in the first 3 days for a number of reasons. Some of which include: We've hung out w/ Ty a lot and it's been really fun. Classes are more interesting and less stressful. We have seen mohawk boy within three days of just being back at the Y, go figure. I have time to rest. I go to bed. Anna is back in the states...not to mention also my ward! I bought a bus pass. I have tights to keep my legs warm w/ my skirts for work. I have met so many people. There are cute boys in my classes. I've been e-mailing w/ my bestest friend Mitch. I miss him horribly. I haven't fallen on the ice. Ends have been meeting eachother financially.
It's a miracle! Can I just tell everyone I AM BLESSED! Also, I have the most bomb-dig family and roomates!
p.s. I almost got run over by a snowplow on Tuesday....I'm not even exaggerating! I was on the phone with Diana when the heinous act occurred. Poor girl got an earful! The plowtruck was in this driveway as I was walking to work I was walking on the sidewalk and I was about 2 ft behind it and it whipped into reverse, it's like the driver had somethin out for me! Don't worry w/ some bits of screaming, fearing for my life and trying to run across the ice, I survived. So some things I've realized lately: . Sleeping is NOT overrated . Snow is NOT what everyone builds it up to be . Hairy legs DO keep you warmer in the cold weather . It is NOT smart to start buying books a week after the semester's began . Taking less credits IS better on your brain and sanity . Scarves MAKE or BREAK body heat retention

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  1. Aaaaaaaaahaha my name got in your blog! Also, you said "bomb-dig" which I am very supportive of.

    That is all.
    See you probably very soon.


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