Okay, for all ya'll who don't know what FOCA is, it is the Freedom of Choice Act. Obama said while campaigning at a Planned Parenthood convention, "The first thing I'll do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act". That is the most outrageous thing. This man is either an extremely smooth talker and tells the crazies what they like to hear (this is true) or is absolutely insane in the sense that he is saying his FIRST act as president will to sign this bill to kill babies. If FOCA is passed all forms of abortion will be legalized without need of consent during any trimester in the pregnancy...YIKES! Oh and yes this includes partial birth abortion. Can I just explain what this procedure includes? For anyone who has a heart or some other moral compass, cannot seriously support abortion when you realize what happens. Partial-birth abortion was given that name so the courts could have something to refer to it as. But using forceps, the doctor will position the baby to come out feet first and then have it born and when the baby's body is out and just the head is left in the birthing canal they use scissors to create a hole to put a vacuum in to remove the brain....therefore the cranium collapses. If that does not bring tears to your eyes I do not know what will. I mean, seriously one of the saddest things I have ever heard. FOCA will also make it so every single hospital and dr./nurse will HAVE to perform abortion. Therefore, most, if not all, religious hospitals will be closed. LDS ones, but also the catholic ones. You know, the hospitals you see on every corner that begin with St., yeah those. FOCA is still going through congress, but please take action everyone and tell your friends. Go to to www.fightfoca.com and please fight for those babies.
I am on this soapbox right now, because I got an e-mail from my friend David's mom about it and looked into it. To be honest I'd never even heard of FOCA and I thought it's such a big deal and it should be brought to everyone's attention. I had to write an opinion editorial for my english class and I chose to write on this subject. I hope that it can become public and stopped before more damage is done to our country's moral base.
I added that picture just to remind everyone that babies are God's creation. He has a plan and we all play a part in it. Please help petition FOCA.

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  1. ridiculous, my roommate had a little something to say about it too:


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