General Conference

Just thought I'd give General Conference a shout out! I watched the first session this morning. After watching it this morning I thought, 'Man how could I have missed that.' I feel like every ounce of it (with the exception of one here and there) speaks RIGHT to me. Seriously, I learn so much every time! I have been blessed to go to school out here in Utah where General conference is on TV, or even live! I can just sit in my p.j.'s and watch it on basic cable. It's fabulous! Jenna, Brock, Diana and I are going to this afternoon's session up in Salt Lake so we can go say hello to Elder Ryan Flake, from home, who is on his mission in SLC. You can listen online @: www.lds.org To find out more of the LDS church's beliefs check out: www.mormon.org

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  1. amen! it was so fun to go to slc with you!


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