So, this morning I was booking it to work, because once again I missed the bus.... It has been an extremely off week. I have caught the bus only once in the past week, seriously, it's almost becoming a joke. I haven't had any problems with it this semester! Anyway, so I was speed walking trying not to be dripping sweat by the time I got to work, since it's about a mile and a half UPHILL. This morning I saw a new means of transportation of getting to school. I saw a guy in business clothes rollerblading down the street with his shoes in his hand.
Every day I walk home from work, so either on my way to or from work I see quite a few people going either direction. Seeing all these people, I've witnessed an impressive variety of transportation means. Most people use the good ol' fashioned pair of legs to get to school. The car is always a very popular choice as well. I've also seen skateboards, longboards, bikes, Vispas, skooters, motor cycles, but never before have I seen rollerblades!
Oh the things you can ride to the places go!


  1. hm.
    do you remember when we were in 5th & 6th grade and would play street hockey EVERY NIGHT with the 8th grade boys. Or when you told me I'd be fine rollerblading down Antebellum Court and ended up eating it at the top of the hill & grabbing it the entire way down the hill & made you so mad because i ripped your favorite shirt, but I shouldve been mad bc i was bleeding to death at the bottom but I was crying-laughing instead?
    Good rollerblade memories.
    We were definately girls that loved wheels.

  2. yeah, i remember that day SO vividly, you were kinda a scaredy cat back then hahaha, that's okay, I was gutsy enough to make up for the both of us. AND I can still remember exactly what shirt that was. hahahah I was SO unsympathetic that day. I remember thinking "okay, seriously, why is she just fallling down this hill? She can easily stand up and rollerblade down it instead of dragging behind me bleeding hahaha

  3. HAHAHAH i was laughing SO hard! kacey went and got my paper towels to put all over my bloody legs and you left me there. I walked in the house still laughing and mom screamed. It was the blue shirt with the heart in the middle that kayla had too. so cool.
    p.s. Antebellum was wayyy steep. Of course I feel down it. I wasn't dare devil child like you flinging my body into dangerous situations like that & everytime i did i got SCREWED.

  4. p.s. i love reading my comments after because they have about 4530234 grammatical errors everytime.

  5. ha so do mine, and yeah it was made to look like it was tie died too w/ white uneven edges around the heart haha way kool


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