$15 dues to the dump

The Holi-Fest seemed to be the final push over the edge for those old pair of jeans I wore. They gave up the ghost and ripped all along the butt. They made me proud though and lasted me a long time. In addition to that the weekend before I had pulled out $20 from my bank account, $5 of which I used for Laundry that Saturday and the rest for careful spending. I brought it to the fest with me and put it in my pocket just in case we decided to stay there to eat dinner, etc. I inteded to spend no money on the chalk, assured that I would get covered regardles (which I did). However, I did not spend any of the $15 and it remained safe in the back pocket of my jeans. Until, I got home and threw my jeans in my trash can, which Tara emptied in the dump Sunday night. So here I was sitting innocently in my Genealogy class when I wanted to write Syd's phone # on the 5 dollar bill. I could not find my money in my wallet, I was getting frustrated, trying to imagine what I'd done with it..suddenly realizing, I got a quick flashback to that $15 life cycle...it was now in the libsquare dumpster.....so Syd and I raced home after class, she put her foot up on the side of the dumpster ready to dive in, until, to my dismay, I look over the side realize that there was nothing but a cardboard box at the bottom of the dumpster...of course this week the trashman would come on Monday. Does he EVER come on Mondays? Well, I hope that a homeless person is able to find it and wear the jeans and spend the $15 on a movie ticket or something.


  1. ON A MOVIE TICKET... HAHAHAH! wow, we're you raised in RITZY FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE OR WHAT?? HAHA! Homeless people don't buy movie tickets roo... they buy FOOD! or in some cases, alcohal, but NEVER movie tickets.
    hahaha thanks for the laugh though.

  2. ha good, I'm glad you laughed, I'm also glad you caught onto my thick sarcasm :)


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