The Flamingo House

It all started when Sydney and I moved to Provo. There is this lovely little Pepto-Bismol pink house on 7th East. Well, we have always loved this little pink house since the first days we layed our eyes on it. It has these little tacky pink flamingos in the front yard giving it the deserving nickname of "the flamingo house". We have always laughed about that house and talked about 'what if we lived there'.
Well, ladies and gentleman, I am proud to say that after hours on end of perusing Provo for available houses we scored one serious steal of a deal. We had become discouraged because every appealing house contracts for had signed their contracts already, every time we passed that pink house we would knock, but to no avail. Finally, late last Thursday night someone answered the door...we were thrilled it was better than we could've imagined. We snatched the last 2 available contracts and seriously jumped up and down while screaming all the way home... To say we are happy is an understatement.
Let me tell you a little bit about this house, just so you can realize our excitement and disbelief.
Pros: Mustard living room and we can paint anything in the house. We will be paying $215/month and, yes, that is including utilities and internet. A joke, right? NO! 7 girls are living in the house, but we share the upstairs of this little pink paradise with just one other girl. Us three living upstairs also have our own kitchen and 1 full bath. It's only 2 blocks from campus with no Rape Hill or 241 stairs to climb.
Cons: None. No, I'll be realistic, there is no clothes washer/dryer, dishwasher, and only a 20 min. supply of hot water before it has to recharge... But, clean clothes are overrated and Syd and I already hand wash all of the dishes we use, as for the cold showers..that'll just suck hah.
This is seriously a financial and residential answer to my prayers folks. Also, after reading this aren't ya'll all so glad that my blog words aren't always in pink? xoxo


  1. do you get he scooter in front also?

  2. happiness is soooo gonna be your all year. I knew the girls who lived in this house last year! i love this house. congrats! love.

  3. HOLY CRAP. This is HILARIOUS. I love pink, but man... not this much :) I'm very excited for you, and can't wait for the Flamingo House updates we'll soon be receiving :) You are fabulous!! Much love to you


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