Mi Hermana es Veintiuno!

Well, I wanted to give a shoutout to one of my favorite people ever.
Today is Dani's 21 Birthday! Let me just tell you a little about my sister.
She's the bomb, seriously. In high school she would always let me borrow her 'cool' clothes, even though I had nothing good to offer in exchange exept for my TLC. She has always been a hard worker and been very generous. She is very thoughtful when it comes to doing things for people. She is either all or nothing. When she sets her mind to something, it happens. She has always been fun for my mom because they enjoy things together like clothes and home-decorating (sorry I was such a letdown mom!). Dani is hilarious and loves to laugh. Her laugh is VERY distinct. I was at a party this year and Syd and I both turned to eachother and said "Dani's here!" hahah we could hear her laughing from across the room, it was so great. She is a good person to whine to bc she has a no crap policy. From me atleast. Probably to save our family from embarrassment, she'll tell me when I'm out of line. Sometimes I don't take the criticism too well, but she does a good job at helping me look at the 'bigger picture'. She's awesome for advice, as well. We pretty much were raised as twins. She beat me out of the womb by 16 months, but when I arrived we were unseperable in our younger years. Sometimes, though, it was hard for me because my friends would think she was cooler...which she was. Some of my fondest memories are from my childhood. We had so much fun on our bikes. We would cruise all over the neighborhood on those things. We would rollerblade like crazy. We would swim in the neighborhood pool and fly off the bunkbed and sled down the stairs. We used to play Barbies like crazy. We played polar bears, wolves and house. In middle school our differences definitely divided us, but we were back in the groove of things in high school. She's my best friend and I love her. Happy 21st Dani!


  1. HAHAHAH playing WOLVES was the BEST! oh you're so sweet!! Thanks Roo! love you :)

  2. oh & roo, it's INSEPERABLE not "unseperable." but unseperable is kinda cute too.

  3. this is all so true (well, i know i didn't know you when you were little, but i can imagine). but Happy Birthday Dani!!


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