Spring around the bend?

So, it's been brought to my attention that Mama Heyman is reading this, I'm glad to hear it. And thought I'd just give her a shout out, HEY!
As y'all know I'm in Utard, I mean Utah. Well, it's been a fantastic place for college, granted when I'm done, I'll be DONE. BUT, Provo is the perfect place voy al universidad.
There is just one TIIIIIINY hangup...
There's too much, I'm not a fan of this stuff. Large masses of it freaks me out to no end. I went skiing once last year and that's probably the first and last. I had a fantastic camping experience in that cold white stuff, I'll never do that again. I've gone sledding twice and loved that experience. I've snowmobiled twice @ Whit's cabin and once with search and rescue. So, I've had my fair share of experiences with this stuff and let me tell you, I'll praise the day I know it's gone for good!
A few weeks ago I was leaving work and it was a cold morning, but on the little gate I take out to the sidewalk from the Health Center there was a little bird perched on the gate. I thought, 'Oh, a bird.' Then I stopped dead in my tracks and thought, 'OH, A BIRD!!' I was so excited when I realized that this bird was the first (that I can recall) this spring season. Well, with the exception of the fat ducks @ the biology pond that stay year round for the free bread. Not even kidding, those ducks sleep in the frozen pond, I can't help but have sympathy for them. But they're the stupid ones that don't want to migrate south. I always wonder when they have chicks, where their nests are, and who removes the dead duck bodies (surely, they don't all survive the bitter cold Utah tundra). Just some thoughts.
But yeah, I was reminded of that perfect little bird that nippey morning when I was walking to work this morning. The sky was clear, it was 55 degrees and I could hear lots of birds. I didn't put my Ipod in my ears until I got to the sidewalk along the main busy road where the chirping birds were drowned out by the whizzing cars.



  1. birds= good sign.
    what up mamma heyman.

  2. wowza! I can't wait for spring either, Rachel! And your new blog title is smokin!

  3. Alli just told me to check your blog. Thanks for the shout out. =) I guess I got caught blog surfing. haha I loved your Bear Grylls experience. It's fun to check in on Alli's Utah "family". The Stolworthy sisters are gorgeous, talented and fun!!
    Mama Heyman


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