So, this new facebook fad is going around, change your facebook picture to a picture of a famous person people have said you look like.
I usually get that I have the hair of this girl...
...the bone structure of this girl...
...the body of this girl...
...and the smile of this girl.
No, I know you were fooled, but I was kidding.
I do not have a dopplefinger, dopplarradar, doppleganger.
Who do you think I look like?
I mean, who do you think looks like me?
In case you don't know what I look like, here's a picture for reference.
p.s. I cannot seem to master sunless tanning, seen the wedding planner? Yeah, sometimes I turn out like that. Every time I do the lotion I try something different to avoid the streaks I got the LAST time I used it...and then I just end up w/ different designs of lines. HELP!


  1. i did our fam's dopalofagers last night. check my blog soon. you were charlize theron & charlotte church. i can see it.
    spray tan.

  2. hahahahhaaa that was the best post ever.

  3. So cute, and so humble, just like you!


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