Creative Juice Leak.

So, I've found that as the day goes & I've been on campus for over 13 hours my creative juices begin to drain from me. At an exponential pace. Like holy hannah, it is 9pm and the husband nor I have had our dindin. Thank goodness for crock pots. Ours happens to be from Ma & Pa Gardner!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It has saved my life. Now....once i can finally leave the library.... the husband is writing novels for his Pakistan class... Oh it's supposed to be short answer? Okay...then we should have been gone 2 hours ago! The Jeopardy theme song is playing in my mind. {counting down} to my exit to the car. for the 20 minute drive home. to dinner. a shower. and bed. Oh bed, I love you & don't get to rest on you nearly as much as I'd like! But thank you for your amazing comfort & polar warmth. xoxomyheadisdead. upside: I got a ton of free 1-800-CONTACTS loot from this awesome Rod Lacey guy who guest lectured in my Career Strategies class. Now I don't need to buy a new contact's case! SCORE.

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