Oh deer....

So, on my run today, I was lookin around enjoying the scenery. I was lookin at the icey sides of the road and then all of a sudden I saw this brown round thing sticking out of the snow
'...uhhh...is that fir?'
Sure enough, it was some animal that must've been hit during a huge snowstorm bc he is half under snow except his belly.
Welp on my way back after I passed the enimal I realized I wasn't quite sure what it was. So, I turned around and looked back at it. I noticed that the ice around it's face is melted just enough to see his eye and cheek. That confirmed it. Animal=Deer.
Bahahah I swear it was like a creepy movie. I just laughed a forced laugh to myself and sped up to get further away from it! GROOOOOSS.
He would've done himself a lot of good if he had good road manners like this little fellow.


  1. That would have freaked me out, too. Where in the world did you find that photo to add to your story, Rachel? Good one! I need to know because I am photo challenged when it comes to my blog.

  2. Google is the photo master, Grandmother!
    & Spence...Grahamer is my strong point. obveeuslie. :)


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