Good things!
I'm all about "living in the now."
BUT I am very excited for moving to Idaho if only for 1 thing, the apartment change.
We LOVE our little humble apartment. Now that it has blinds that stay closed, and an a/c and a grade 6 warmth bedspread.
This is my sorry attempt at painting our apt layout.
Nothing in it is to scale. On my homemade map the bathroom looks ridiculously small compared to the bedroom. The bathroom makes our bedroom look huge. The bedroom is a pretty good size. but literally. our bathroom can hold 2 people in it only if they are standing up completely straight and one stands directly behind the other to use the little 12"x6" mirror! bahah
My elbows touch the shower curtain and the wall when I wash my hair...I can't imagine how it is for Wes. It literally is the size of Space Shuttle showers.
Was that nerdy to say?
Well, don't make fun bc I grew up with Museum crazy parents. We actually had passes to all national museums in the U.S. at one point. I've been to Birmingham 5 too many times.
There's only so much to see at a Space Museum when you're 11. I usually stayed at the ride or the rock wall...
Too bad we don't have those now, bc I'd really like to go back!
THIS are the apartments that we're on a waiting list for in Idaho.
I will get an e-mail in April of the available apts & the first ones to call get the open apts for the fall...PRAY that we get one. They are an incredible rate. All utilities included. We have a w&d to put into it. & it has hookups. I'm ecstatic.
Everyone needs their first really poor, really broken, 500 sq. ft. apt phase of their married life. BUT now that we have money to be able to put toward a little more rent we are going to have a dishwasher and/or disposal. EITHER would be fantastic!
This apartment even has a tub with the shower! WOW, my legs don't get shaved nearly enough due to our tiny little scrawny shower! I can't bend to reach my toes!
Don't get me wrong though. My parents painted our front room & kitchen & touched up all of our trim for us. They put in shelves for us to have storage. At the time of needing an apartment Wes & I literally had a couple hundred dollars to our names. Apartments needed 1st month's rent, deposit & some even the last month's rent! I felt like I was going to have a melt-down finding an apartment. & then I found our beauty, which is about 20 minutes outside of provo, but the rent was cheap, the only utility we have to pay is electric & the deposit was $200, $50 of which she let me clean the apartment instead of hiring someone else to do it for her. So, it was the answer to prayers! Since, we moved our junk in right before the wedding & I missed the first 2 weeks of school bc of the wedding & Wes was working 2 jobs, it took us quite a while to get moved in, organized & such, but we have slowly but surely grown into this apartment & love it! Now & then we have to remind ourselves that, we are still pinching pennies, but have been able to build up a little savings account & been blessed monetarily in other ways as well.
We have loved our little, humble, old, creepy apartment, but we are also excited for the change!


  1. When we were moving to Laramie, we were on the waiting list for student housing and one day they called me and said that one had opened up but we could only have it if we started paying rent NOW. This was like 2 months before we were actually moving in. They told me that we wouldn't get in if we didn't take the open one, so we took it. Then we moved in 2 months later and realized that only about half the apartments on our floor were actually occupied. Stupid UW lied to us to weasel 2 extra months worth of rent out of poor students :(
    But I hope you get yours!

  2. Wait...so I didn't know you were moving to IDAHO!! What part, Rexburg?

  3. My husband and I are looking forward to a two-bedroom apartment soon too! We actually just rushed to send in our application to a place in Orem... I really hope we get it! It's so hard to apartment shop from ~1800 miles away.
    I hope you get the apartment you want!

  4. Rachel, you have preserved nicely your feelings and your circumstances of the early days of your marriage. You will have a written record which is nice for both of you. Time will change all of those physical circumstances but hopefully never change the love you feel for each other. The sacrifices you have made to be together are documented here so well.


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