I had a dream...

....Tuesday night that I got a sewing machine & piano for Christmas. It rocked. I was so elated. Is it pathetic that I dreamed about the 2 things I wish my tiny apartment had...and that I got them for Christmas? Sorry I'm so selfish. But I have to say I am SO excited for Christmas! 1 week plus 2 days till I'm Home Sweet Home again. But don't worry, I look forward to the festivities & all that, I haven't even thought about gifts. To be honest, I do not have a Christmas list. I never really have had a Christmas list.
But apparently I really want a sewing machine & piano...that's not too much to ask for, right?


  1. Haha, I love your "iwantanoompaloompanow"! I also love your new layout. :)

  2. Me too Rach! btw, I don't think you meant to put that you are excited for Thanksgiving, did you? I LOVE YOU! Can't wait to have you home and see what you DO get from Santa!

  3. hahaha well I left my brain in Thanksgiving week, so that's probably why I said that! Thanks for the ayuda, I'll be editing that...now

  4. If wishes were horses we'd all have a ride...a common expression in my growing up years..LOL I'm so excited, too, about you all coming home again. Danielle's bringing her lovely roommate, too! We are going to PARTY!!!

  5. Mother, you are so cute! I love that you BLOG, FB, and PARTY! You b da coolest!


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