Go Grassland, Go!

Spencie & The Mr.
Chaser playin' basketball!
Does anyone recognize the ref?
It's good ol' Coach Chapman, my high school history teacher!
Don't worry, we got to catch up for half a second, I don't remember him having an accent...I forget the accents down here. I love being home!
The Pa & Ma!
The Rugrats. Please disregard me in these photos, the last week of school I was deathly ill with some disease & came home with it too. After a week of being home & sick, I'm now feeling better!
The BEST or worst/most embarrassing cheering section ever!
All in all his team lost in a last minute dash for the tie... My heart had a run for it's money, I love goin to my brothers' games! It's a rare opp. xoxomaybenexttimegreenteam

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