Did any of you watch the Christmas Devotional?
It was SO wonderful.
I loved that Elder Uchtdorf quoted the grinch. I have watched it probably 4 times since Thanksgiving & will be watching it again with my fam when we go home! Plus we grew up watching the cartoon one every Christmas. It's really special to me!
We got floor seats....Jealous? Yeah...you should be bc it was THAT amazing!
We went with no tickets & I waited in line while Wes ran to the front of the line to ask if we had to have tickets & a lady just gave him 2....we went all the way to the top & then the person looked & them & said our seats were on the floor...whaaaa? but by that time all the seats had filled in, but we scrambled & found 2...it was the most beautiful devotional! The Christmas tunes sung by the MoTab were amazing. I think those people are angels. I like to pretend I'm that good.
Making life decisions as we wait for the devotional to start. Ha yeah right. RIP camera case.
All the pics are fuzzy bc I couldn't use the flash bc it was just too foggy.
Regardless, we had an awesome time walking around in the frigid air to see all the scenes and Christmas lights! xoxotistheseason


  1. YES! I am so jealous! I have never been to an event in the conference center ever! The Christmas devotional was as expected, just beautiful in every way. Like you, I loved the music and I can only imagine how amazing it was up close and personal! You are so blessed to do this, Rachel and Weston!

  2. Yes, I am jealous too! I, also, have never been to the conference center for ANYTHING, except a tour! I LOVE your picture on the cupcake stand...it looks so surreal in the background and you look darling in your outfit!


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