In 2 weeks: 6 papers. 2 Hour Traffic Court (that I won, by the way). 1 funeral. Tons of class. Tons of group project meetings. 1,000 Criminal Minds. 1 awesome get together with some married friends. 1 Christmas Devotional in spooky weather. 1 phone chat with mom :(. 40 hours of work. 10,000 smooches. Lots of little baby time. 1 Utah Flash game with the cousins. 1 date at Chili's. 1 lunch date with a friend. 1 church. Lots of Navy studying. 2 snow storms. Bill paying. More working, cooking, cleaning, schooling, laundrying. And lots more to do :) Life is busy, but seriously couldn't get better! I'm so happy & so in love & so swamped with school. It's a rockin combo & I have the greatest husband ever! Just thought I'd share! I'll blog some more pictures hopefully this afternoon!

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