Once upon a time...

...we decorated our tree!
This is the new penguin ornament I got for Weston.
He loved it.
And it's sparkly belly. I made my hot cocoa.
Not to brag, but it is literally the best in the world.
And Wes made his potpourri! This is our tree that we love! We do not have a tree-topper yet. I have not found one I love enough to buy.

We both grew up with colored lights & decided the tree isn't the same without them, so this string is going outside next year, & the tree will be colored!

This is my first Nativity set! My grandmother gave it to me!

It's my fave. xoxorememberthereasonfortheseason

1 comment:

  1. Rachel, that was the neatest post! I just loved the home-e-ness about it. It had a warm and fuzzy message and the nativity is so sweet, isn't it!


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