Also, Friday, I was an extremely efficient little lady! I got a ton done...including applying for graduation! I am an official April '11 graduee! Holla! You can call me Rachel Brinkerhoff B.S. hahah Does that work or do you just got initials following your name if you get something cooler like a doctorate? Now how do I find a job in Rexburg? Thank you Student Development class I will be taking next semester that will assisting me in becoming a real-life professional!


  1. Rachel, this is the most EXCITING news! I am sooo very happy for you! I just wanna say WOW in the biggest way! I'm booking my ticket to see you girls grad-e-ate!
    Can't wait for that very special occasion AND to kiss your face this weekend, too!

  2. Wes will be going to school up there & i'll be workin full time!


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