Yep, he's one of those!

Weston & I opened some Christmas Presents last night.
Sorry, we're boring & I had to buy him a necessity...okay, so I was at walmart & saw church socks on sale & to make it look like Wes has more Christmas presents, I just wrapped them for him too!
Don't worry, he was excited!

This was the real thrill. I wish I would have recorded it when he opened it.

I know his face looks like it's about to explode bc it's so happy, but it doesn't even do his excitement justice.

I love surprising him :)

He loves political things & has wanted "Decision Points" since we heard about it on Good Morning America.

I found out Wes is one of those people. I smiled with the pants & he told me to wait as he loaded the lotion & deo around me too.
These are from his Grandparents.
I love the jammies, lotion AND deoderant.
Except, they gave Wes & I both deoderizers...I think they're trying to send a subtle message...
Grandpa Brink came by last night on his way home from the VA hospital. He gave us a really sweet throw blanket with a really sweet phrase. It's always so fun when Grandpa Brink comes. He's like the grandpa in the movies. He's loud, he says what he wants. He's lived every story there is to tell, he's sharp as a tack & quick as a whip. He is getting sicker & slower physically, but he is THE coolest! Seriously, he's an incredible man & would give anyone he loves anything he has. Everytime I talk to him or see him he says "Let me know if you need anything, because you know, everything I have is yours too." He says if I need something I can have it. He has let me & Weston borrow a few of his cars he has in his backyard. He rocks.
Last weekend we celebrated Christmas in Orangeville with Weston's family. It's our last one there bc his parents are movin in with Grandpa Brink to take care of him. It was so fun & we got really cool gifts from his family! His parents made us that awesome picture bored, gave us awesome hiking backpacks & 72 hour kits along with Jeans for Wes & a coat for me! We were spoiled through & through!

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