Life Experiences

I was talkin today with someone about life experiences. She's had a lot of experiences in a certain area of life. One that I didn't have experience in. I was thinkin about where my life experiences have come from. I was kinda lookin back on different ones I've had. Sadly, I have had quite an abnormal amount of experience with death of friends & family that left this life before old age. I hate death. I hate funerals. I think it's all so sad. I miss people too much. We all do. But it also brought me back to this awesome Christmas season. How it was Christmas time that our Savior was born. He was born & died so that we can live again. He is the common factor in our experiences. He is there to lift us. He is there to comfort us. He is there to forgive us. He is there to feel joy with us. It is an awesome and unifying thought. We are all blessed to have the Savior and reap the blessings of His sacrifice and example.
Just thought I'd share!


  1. Thanks for your post Rach! I always have a hard time around Christmas, especially when I go to buy a gift for Chris' sister because she is Carrie's age. But I am thankful too that we have the blessing of being with them again :)

  2. This brought tears. So well said and so very true, Rachel. I can hardly type this for the water works. What an amazing and lovely testimony and I share with you the same sentiments, "Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him!"


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