Water, remotes & a knife makes life good.

Last Saturday night we were watching "The Santa Claus", we enjoyed the film until we pressed pause. When upon our front door came a loud clatter. Weston said "Who is it, and what is the matter?" I fretened a little and covered my face. I said "Don't open the door it's too late, goodness grace!" He beckoned the stranger to say his dear name. He said he was the gas man checking the small gas lines & main. Wes grabbed his knife and reached for the knob. To open the door & find us dear Bob. He check our gas lines running around our small apartment. Then Weston & I settled back to contentment. We always will wonder where that leaky gas came. We'll never know, but I'll be sure to keep the husband's protectant tame.



  1. So so so so so so so so so so cute AND creative!!!

  2. oh my gosh.... the imaginations you have.........

  3. LOVED this one, too! I love rhyming and you are good at it. I use to write some poetry and this makes me want to try again! Good job, Rachel!


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