Eagle's nest.

On the 4 of January, my youngest baby brother had his court if honor (only a year after he  earned his eagle award!) I am so proud of you, Chase!
Someone did not get cold.
We had a horrible "arctic blast" come through Tennessee & it was disgustingly cold. Colder than I have ever seen it ever here. Well, one of those nights we had to go outside to get to Chase's Court of Honor!
I was so happy we had Ivy's "Bring home from the hospital" outfit to wear to keep her warm! That girl didn't freeze in the slightest. She was a happy camper. I loved being able to show her to some of the people I love that helped raise me!
I love living back here again.
My awesome parents!
 Ivy had a good time celebrating afterward at a family favorite, Garcia's.
(A picture WITH Chase is coming)

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