Our drive was truly wonderful. I LOVE roadtrips & always have. Some of my favorite family memories growing up were in the minivan on the road to visit somewhere!
That is something I truly cherish from my childhood is the trips to the beach & to visit family.
Even with the hang-ups of the moving truck, the bank, the car breaking down, etc. It was the most enjoyable roadtrip I have had in a LONG time!
Sadly, Weston & I weren't in the same car, but I had a blast with my mom, Chase & Ivy together!

The first leg was Weston, Ivy & I meeting my parents in Green River to put our car onto the trailer to tow it home & then Ivy & I would hop in the car with my mom & Chase & Weston & my dad would drive the big truck.
Well, an hour outside of Weston's parents house our car broke down. They came & rescued us & towed our car to Green River. Besides that major hang-up, it all went relatively smoothly! & we still made it through mid Colorado that day!
Here is Weston that morning starting out on our drive at Notom which is a family landmark of his in central Utah.
t-20 minutes to car breaking down.
 After the car broke down & I bawled my eyes out as a car passed Weston waving for help. & after he ran up a mountain to get cell service, I cuddled with Ivy. & it was a little slice of heaven in a really stressful time. It was 9 degrees out, but we were snuggly warm inside the car!
 I love this sweet girl.
She was perfect.
 The first night she slept on a luggage rack.
It was the best jimmy-rigged bed she's slept in to-date. & there have been a few.
She slept like a rock.
 She was hoping for this set-up.
But eventually was really okay with the luggag-rack bed.
 This girl has loved planking since day 1. Seriously.
 Well, she did some master planking after being couped up in a carseat all day!
I love those little chicken legs.
I want chicken legs. 
I had had the most insane 3 weeks of my life & was still on high-alert, high-anxiety mode while we were driving over the snowy rockies. I thought I'd die of a heart-attack. My mom & Chase were so sweet & patient with my freaking out. It was exacerbated by my parent's car being SO horrific in the snow. It literally is like a horrible, non grippy sled. 
 It was really pretty up there, though I barely stopped worrying to notice!
 I was so happy when we made it to the hotel safe & sound & was so happy to have a few minutes with Weston at night, too! Ivy missed time with him, too.

 I fully believe in bottle propping. 
The move could not have happened without it.

 Happy Camper!

 Bed set up night #2.
 I love when she lays against my chest all cuddly!
& I love when her eyes roll back into her head.
It's totally creepy.
 (disclaimer: my mom was in the elevator with her)

 Hotel baths are pretty cool, too.
 We took breaks to stop for her to try to use the potty without as much carseat pressure on her.
She has been really constipated, poor thing. Probably from the soy formula.
 rub a dub dub!
 Pleasant & sleepy!

 The evening in Topeka, KS. 
 The men stopped at the arch!
 We finally made it to TN. & boy was Ivy happy.
She has been smiling ever since (totally unrelated, I know, but I just love her smiles.)


  1. Wow! What a treat to read this cute post while sitting and listening to the rain outside! LOVED all of the pictures, of course, too! LOVED being in the car with you and our fabulous road trip! Couldn't have been better!!!

  2. I love every single one of these pictures.

  3. Ok, do you know that I live in green river?!???!!! I'm surprised how you didn't write about how charming of a town it is and how you want to live there one day ;) wish I would've known you were stranded and maybe could've helped somehow!!! Glad you guys made it to tn safely. Ivy is a little doll baby and I want to cuddle her!

  4. What a fabulous write up, Rachel! The pictures were outstanding and it was just so FUN to read about your magnificent adventures! Life can be stressful but you two have come smiling through it all! You and Weston make a great pair together!

  5. OMG, baby Ivy is so cute! That being said, going on a road trip can wear down your car, so you guys were really fortunate that you found someone that can help you! Nice to see baby Ivy being chill will your road trip despite the breakdown and being "left" (with your mom) on the elevator.


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