Positively Positive!

Well, after many tears, let downs, and phone calls, I am going to look at a wonderful townhouse down by center street @ 6 tonight. I've prayed long and hard about finding a 'good' place for us to live. It's been exhausting emotionally and physically. However, after I decided to not be so down about it and think more positively, it has gone a TON smoother. Afterall, I'm not completely homeless, we still have the pink house...
Wish me luck, I hope the townhouse this afternoon is what we're looking. I hope that I will be a good rep for syd and I as tenants and that everything goes well :)
It's been a long housing journey...
...who knew it would last from april to august?


  1. oh man oh man oh maaaaan. I'm so anxious.
    GOOD LUCK ma lady!

  2. Here's hoping you find someplace wonderful to call home...soon. Good luck!


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