I've been slacking on my blogging and I know it's killing all my readers....
I think I am the most blessed person alive. From Sunday night through Friday afternoon it was the most overwhelming week of my life. But thanks to many prayers on my behalf from family and whoever else, I survived! I had a really bad feeling about living in the Pink House and though we still had the option to live there, I knew we weren't supposed to. I rode my bike up and down and in and out of provo and made, oh, probably a thousand phone calls in a week. I cried lots and then some more. I felt so overwhelmed. Every contract that we could have taken and worked out didn't feel right. I was getting frustrated with my internal battle between my feelings and my common sense.
Feelings: None of the available spot contracts felt right.
Common Sense: It was so last minute I needed to grab the spots I could.
I spent every waking moment on craigslist. Syd was making countless phonecalls and we were both coming up with nothing. Then she found this awesome deal on facebook for a master bed and bath for $400...we both sent a message to the girl who posted the spot asking if we could share it (we had tried countless similar situations that never worked). Thursday we get an e-mail from the girl that we could split it and for me to call her to set up a time to come see the place. it's down on 200 N so I was a little hesitant to the distance when winter hits, but figured it's definitely worth looking at. Friday at 6 Ty drove me down and I laughed so hard when he dropped me off @ my cousin Keith's old apartment complex! I met with the husband and wife who are both so nice. The husband's sister and her friend are the other 2 roomates living in the condo. The condo was amazing, it's an awesome complex near bus stops for just about every bus. Blessing? Yes! They tell me they have other applicants, but they'll let me know who they chose to lease the condo to. Friday night they texted me and told me they liked me and would love for Syd and I to live there...needless to say all of Smith's was soon aware of my new living situation. When I called Sydney I think she scrame for 20 minutes with the same decibels of a fire engine.
It's just the greatest miracle. I can't express to anyone my gratitude with words. The extremes from last weeks' feelings to this weeks are immeasurable. It's like what my mom's said, "You never realize how great it is to be healthy til you get a good stomach ache."
That's truer than true!
SO, what have I been doing between tearful phone calls with Dad and bike rides around town? Well, let me tell you!
I'm so happy that Kristin transferred to Provo! We've had a lot of fun together and she has been letting me tag along with her everywhere! I've gone to her ward, her ward activities and her FHE.
Last week we had a civil war w/ water balloons. I got hit in the stomach and it left me a bruise. It was totally worth it; we won!
Last night we had a similar fight, but it also included shaving cream, whipped cream, and flour...yeah it was as messy as it sounds. And yes, I realized last night I have worn Tie Dye to everyone of Kristin's ward activities that I've needed to dress for mess.
I've taken a couple walmart trips on the bus. The most recent trip I took Kristin joined me. She got a bike! She could hardly wait to ride it, however, Saturday afternoon she had work and I had a date. So, when I got back around midnight Kristin and I went on a bike ride to the Chevron by the stadium and put air in her tires! It was a great bikeride. I slept really well that night.
We've played frisbee on Monday nights, I'm not very good but it's fun exercise.
My knee is the only one complaining!
We're buying tickets tomorrow for the World Cup prelim game that's going to be on Sept. 5 in Sandy between the US and El Salvador! Don't worry, we're not missing the OK game, we're going over to a guys house somewhere up near salt lake to watch the football game after the soccer game. Can't wait.
USA! USA! USA! Football tickets went on sale yesterday, but I don't have internet at my apartment right now, so I could only get on to buy my tickets at work. It wasn't working for me, but I couldn't call the helpline because I was working. So, this morning I called and got help and then bought my all sports pass! hoorah! Go Cougs!
And, last but CERTAINLY not least, I moved into my new apartment on Sunday (thanks Keith, oh and thanks to Ty I had moved from the Pink House 2 mondays ago over to Dani's) and they left 2 tv's in the apartment (WHOA!). Well, anyway, I haven't been at my apartment much since I've moved in, but all I can say is I LOVE SHARK WEEK!


  1. hahaha wow. what a perfect post for this week. i need to step up and do likewise. yay for sharkweek!

  2. Rachel, I enjoyed so much reading your story. You have passed a good test this week. Discouragement is sometimes so disheartening and stressful! Yet you were able to rise above it all and keep your head on straight and just press forward! So proud of you, Rachel, and equally happy for you, too! Tell Kristin I said hi. Love you girls so much!

  3. Welcome back!! I've been eStalking you all summer :) But haven't posted anything, haha, sorry. :) I love that you're living in Keith's old complex!! It's super nice there. Luve ya bunche!

  4. ah rachel that is so great! i am so happy for you! and i know exactly where you are living :) super nice!

  5. i can't wait to see your new place. definitely about 10 steps up from the pink house :). see you in a week!


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