Against All Odds

So, I'm going on my 3rd year in Utah and at BYU.
I have not given a talk in Sacrament meeting yet.
I'm not quite sure what this means, but I kind of like it.
However, as I was sitting in my new ward on Sunday, I was looking around and realized how small it is. I then started getting flushed and really hot thinking about how my chances of giving a talk just multiplied....then I started feeling really nauseous. It's been nice not having spoken since I was about 14...literally it has been about 6 years since I have spoken in church, but I think now, since it has been so long, that my nerves just won't be able to handle it. So, for a couple different reasons, I am crossing my fingers not to be asked to speak in church.
That's just a thought I had. And if anyone is reading this and is in my ward, don't suggest anything to any of the ward leaders, because I really want to go under the radar and make it through BYU w/o having given a talk.
World record breaker? I think I can make it!


  1. same story! they must just know that we're amazing public speakers & we don't need any work.


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