I have an obsession.
I have been in Utah for 3 weeks and in those 3weeks my nails have been
GREEN, ORANGE, PINK, and as of last night PURPLE.
N.Y.C. nail polish is my favorite. They are $.99 and the nailpolish goes on well, but chips easily...which I like because I like changing colors all the time, so it works out nicely.


  1. aaaahahah.
    we are ALL about nail polish. Don't let ashley eckel see this post, you'll never hear the end of it...

  2. I LOVE NAILPOLISH. let's have a nailpolish club.

  3. Can I join?! Pretty please can I? I LOVE NAILPOLISH. Totally stole that sentence from Syd. But seriously, I do. Love it!!

  4. Rachel...sooo you! I LOVE the new blog...you girls are a megga talent!

  5. You would!!! apparently I need to get NYC nail polish so it will come off...I painted my toes after Savannah was born when I could finally reach them and I just took it off 2 weeks ago...I wont tell you how old she is and then you won't be able to figure out how long that was on for!!!


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